In John chapter 4, we find an amazing story in a dialogue that Jesus is having with a women who had come to draw water from a well. The scripture tell us that Jesus had to pass through this region called Samaria, and as you read the story, you soon discover why. It’s amazing to see how the Lord puts us in those places that have been intended for us even though we might not know the full implications of what is about to unfold.

Jesus, being weary from his journey, sits down by this well and who shows up but a woman who needs God! From this simple and yet profound conversation between two people who historically would have had no dealings with each other: Jesus who was Jewish and this women who is a Samaritan – even though they were sister religions, historically they had no dealing with each other. We learn this from the words of the woman in her response to Jesus asking her for a drink (v.7-9).

However, the moment this question was asked, a pathway for hidden truth to be revealed was opened. The whole idea of how Jesus takes her from an understanding of ‘natural water’ that her ancestor Jacob drank, to this woman desiring Holy Spirit Salvation water that ‘becomes a well springing up to eternal life’ insider of her was a mystery that she would find to be true. Jesus spoke of an hour that moves her from a ‘place of worship’ at a mountain, (a Samaritan belief) and from a city, Jerusalem, (a Jewish belief), to a Person, (God) Who is a Spirit to be worshipped in spirit and in truth, (v.21-24). That hour had now come!

In this dialogue Jesus speaks from a ‘future present’ perspective; about something that is ‘coming’ not here yet (future) to ‘now is’ or has shown up, it has now arrived (present tense). He spoke of something that was to come – something that she knew was on its way, (I know that Messiah is coming) and what Jesus was saying now is: What you’ve been waiting for is now here! This story teaches us that what God has ‘promised’ is coming will ‘show up‘ in our ‘now is’ moments!

~ Dan Ecker

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