UponLovesWingsUpon Love’s Wings – Power Encounters with God in Nepal

Here is a book that you are going to want to read for yourself and get a copy for all of your family and friends. It is one of the best mission testimony books ever written by a first time author. In the book, Debbie Graham Ecker describes her first mission trip to Asia as a young woman. Through humor and insightful reflection, Debbie takes you along for this sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always faith-inspiring journey. Your heart will be warmed and encouraged, your faith strengthened as your read Upon Love’s Wings.


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This book is a must read for people who…
– Plan to go on any mission trip or have a heart for reaching people for the Lord.
– Are skeptical about the power and work of an all-powerful, sovereign God.
– Have difficulty with faith and trust in God, especially in hard times.
– Wonder if God truly wants to develop an intimate relationship with His followers.
– Need a better understanding of the cultures in other countries
(such as India and Southern Asia)
– Want to learn how to share God’s love through very practical ways .
– Need encouragement that God still answers prayers … sometimes in the most humorous ways.
– Need encouragement that God is THE God of the Impossible!

What Others Are Saying

Upon Love’s Wings is a true and personal account of Deborah Ecker’s very eventful missionary journey into Nepal. Told with candor and delightful humor, her story recounts the first time she traveled to the Himalayan foothills: her experience of culture shock, her warm encounters with the locals, the strong ties she forged with friends, and the single perilous episode that placed her life in mortal danger which greatly tested her endurance and belief. Here is a powerful and inspiring testimony about personal victory, spiritual trust, and everlasting faith.”

~Bernice Cheng
Publisher & Editor
ARMOUR Publishing Pte. Ltd.

“I really enjoyed reading Upon Love’s Wings, because I know how difficult it is to capture the passion and true meaning of taking the Gospel into a third-world country like Nepal. Had I read this book before I traveled to Senegal, Africa, it would have better prepared me and our team for the sights, sounds, smells and challenges of sharing God’s love in an oppressed country.  Preparing for mission’s travel is important. Reading this book will definitely help people better ready themselves for their own missionary experience of a lifetime. This book is fun, factual, entertaining, biblical, faith-building and the real deal.”

~Scott McCabe
Senior Associate Pastor – Outreach
North Way Christian Community Church
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Upon Loves Wings, by Debbie Ecker, is a Must Read for anyone thinking about going on a short term mission trip. The candor and humor carry you on this exciting journey with Debbie. Flexibility, a servant’s heart, and spiritual preparation is Debbie’s message to us. Despite incredible hardships, Debbie weaves a fascinating story of overcoming that will inspire all who read. I highly recommend Upon Loves Wings.

~Charlie Beck
Mission Director
North Way Christian Community Church
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Upon Love’s Wings is a travelogue of a spiritual journey on which it seemed I was along for the ride! I could easily imagine the sights and sounds, fears, and frustrations – as well as the trials and triumphs of this rookie missionary. Upon Love’s Wings is not really the story of a young girl’s adventures and misadventures in missions as much as it is a story of how God providently works through an ordinary person who simply says “yes” to His extraordinary call.  I think anyone involved in missions can easily relate to Debbie’s experience and find hope for those times when the unexpected happens.”

~Bill Ellis
Lead Pastor
Riverside Community Church
Oakmont, Pennsylvania

“When I began reading Upon Love’s Wings—Power Encounters with God in Nepal, I couldn’t put it down! From the moment that Deborah Ecker finally says “Yes” to the LORD, He takes her on two incredible journeys – one to Nepal to share His amazing love in some of the most remote villages in the mountains, and the other, a journey with her mighty and all-powerful God who is faithful and able to provide a way when there seems to be no way.  If you need encouragement to take that next step with God, this is definitely the book to read!”

~Anne Palmer
Ridgewood Assembly of God
West View, Pennsylvania

Upon Love’s Wings is a wonderful story of a young girl setting out on her first mission. Debbie Ecker beautifully expresses the call of God on her life and the unbelievable experience that only God can give. I still remember the touching stories, the drama, and the miracles. It left me with a personal question for me, in my life. How much can one person give to God? In this lovely story, there is one who gave all she had. The book still challenges me each day to do more for God in my life.”

~Marilyn George
Pastor’s Wife
Grace Community Church
Curllsville, Pennsylvania

“I was blown away when I read Debbie Ecker’s true personal story of how God transformed seemingly tragic circumstances into a joyous opportunity to bring glory to Him. Not only is her dynamic, joyful personality on these pages – but her deep-rooted faith in God’s goodness is there as well. You will NOT be able to put this book down once you start it. Dive deep into this amazing story of courage and faith and you will come out rejoicing that Debbie decided to share it with us all.

~Cheri Potter

“Upon Love’s Wings is unique because it is an easy read and yet riveting. I felt as if I was there experiencing the journey with Debbie. Her book is full of the faithfulness of God. Her honesty and transparency concerning the difficulties make her writing relevant. Her thankful heart for those small things that are usually taken for granted causes the reader to see the wonderful work of God’s grace in a human life. Debbie succeeds in painting a vivid picture of “counting the cost” when answering the call of Christ to “take this gospel to the ends of the earth.”

~Carol Clabaugh

“A couple of years ago, while I was on the field in Thailand, a friend of mine was facing serious back surgery. During her recovery, she enjoyed being read to. I had the pleasure of reading to her from Debbie Ecker’s book, Upon Love’s Wings. The book’s wonderful stories of faith and obedience were a tremendous encouragement to both of us. I think this book is a wonderful gift to those trying to hear God’s call on their life and step forth in obedience, as well as to those already in service to God, finding them at a place where a word of encouragement and a reminder of God’s great love and grace would bring refreshment.”

~Patty Franklin
Missionary on Furlough

“When meeting Debbie Ecker for the very first time, God revealed to me that my lifelong dream of a short-term mission was about to be fulfilled! The following month I read her book, Upon Love’s Wings. This story was so real to me that I felt I was there on every adventure.  Page after page, my trust deepened toward God and His faithfulness. Connecting to this book prepared me practically for my mission trip. Don’t wait to read this book….it will bless your heart just as it did mine. Six months after meeting Debbie, I found myself in a foreign land.”

~Judy Peterson
Intercessor – Reader
Butler, P


About the Author

Debbie Ecker has been involved in full-time Christian service for more than 20 years. As a gifted singer, worship leader, and Bible and conference speaker, she has traveled the world ministering in more than 20 countries on five continents. Over the past 20 years, as my best friend and life partner, I have personally witnessed the incredible ability she has to love people and accept people for who they are and she has more mercy than any person I know. She loves to read books, debate politics and current events and she is a student of both world and church history. Debbie has a growing passion for writing having authored Upon Love’s Wings. She is a great mom, a wonderful wife and my best friend.

~Dan Ecker




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