Taken from our Firstlight International monthly newsletters, these quarterly bulletin inserts are designed to be used as a Mission Highlight each quarter by each of our supporting churches. As a PDF file, you can download the file, print a master copy, photo copy as many as needed, slice them in half, and use them as a Bulletin Insert on a Sunday morning (or other types of church services, etc.) to highlight missions in the local church. For those who are using them, these inserts are proving to be a great communication tool throughout the year. You can also have these quarterly reports e-mailed to you directly by signing up today!







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1st Quarter 2017 Download Now
2nd Quarter 2017 Download Now
3rd Quarter 2017 Download Now


1st Quarter 2016 Download Now
2nd Quarter 2016 Download Now
4th Quarter 2016 Download Now

2015 Inserts

1st Quarter 2015 Download Now
2nd Quarter 2015 Download Now
3rd Quarter 2015 Download Now
4th Quarter 2015 Download Now

2014 Inserts

2nd Quarter 2014 Download Now
3rd Quarter 2014 Download Now
4th Quarter 2014 Download Now

2013 Inserts

1st Quarter 2013: Download Now
2nd Quarter 2013: Download Now
3rd Quarter 2013: Download Now
4th Quarter 2013: Download Now

2012 Inserts

2nd Quarter 2012: Download Now
1st Quarter 2012: Download Now

2011 Inserts

1st Quarter 2011: Download Now
3rd Quarter 2011: Download Now
4th Quarter 2011: Download Now

2010 Inserts

1st Quarter 2010: Download Now
2nd Quarter 2010: Download Now


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Learn about what Firstlight is doing in the places where we serve. Visit our website often to get the lasted updates on projects, prayer points and updates on coming project events and stay informed about what Firstlight is doing. Sign up to receive the Firstlight International monthly newsletters or Firstlight E-news regularly. Visit us on […]

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This is where the fun begins! The first step always begins with prayer. Use the information that you are learning about what Firstlight is doing and begin to pray for Firstlight International regularly. As you learn more, pray about sharing what the Lord is doing through Firstlight with your small group, prayer groups or in […]

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Become a Financial Partner in 2014 – Send a financial gift today! One of the best ways that you can help Firstlight International is to become a Financial Partner in 2014. A financial gift of any size will be gratefully appreciated and used wisely to advance God’s Kingdom in the places where Firstlight is working. […]

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