Walk With Me

On February - 7 - 2018

“When He puts forth all His own, He goes ahead of them, and the sheep follow Him because they know His voice.” John 10:4 NAS

Each year, at year’s end, Dan and I seek the Lord for a special word, or guidance for the upcoming year. In 2017 I felt the Lord speak two things: first, ‘Just show up.’ It was a word I heard a friend say in a meeting, and it struck my heart in such a way, I knew it was the Lord speaking to me and I wrote it down in my prayer journal. And show up I did, spending more than 5 of the past 12 months overseas, running beside Dan and ministering in Asia. Boarding planes and climbing into vans and taxis, trucks and shuttles; I felt the Lord strengthen me with this word, releasing a very real blessing into my obedience. Every trip was special, every moment important. I also carried that word into our time in the US, attending nearly every meeting I could, worshipping long hours with our Son Burn peeps, as well as our Covenant family. It was a powerful, life giving year. I also felt Him say, for 2017: Timing is everything. And, indeed I could see His hand moving me in timing. In the purchase of air tickets, booking of guest houses, reaching out to people to house sit for us, every day falling into place. His guidance was sure, His timing, perfect.

As 2018 dawned, we again reached out and pressed into that Loving Wisdom and Grace. I have once again heard…and seen…guidance. First, I heard Him speak to my heart, “This is the year of the Fatted Calf.” My heart leapt because I know in God that is a GOOD thing. It is a year of homecomings, celebrations and family. It is a year when God will put things right. We will rejoice in what He does.

Second, I heard Him say, “I’m going to OUT DO Myself this year!” Again, my heart leapt to think of what that could mean. God had moved so fully and powerfully already. When I sought Him for clarity on this, I saw a big hand writing the number 2018. When the 8 was drawn it slowly fell to its side. I saw this, the 8 falling three times. ‘Lord, what am I seeing?’ I asked. Then I heard Him say to my heart, you are seeing the numerical symbol for infinity. And in that moment, I realized, that those things that God was going to set in place in 2018 would have unmovable, unchangeable value. Eternal consequence.

Finally, during worship I had a vision of Jesus standing before me, His hand stretched out to me, inviting me to place my hand in His. Before us was a snowy vista, unbroken snow as far as the eye could see. Snow was coming down so fast I could not see the path where the Lord was placing his feet. The only way I could go forward was to place my hand in His…and walk with Him. WITH Him. Not one step on my own, but as I walked into that unknown future, I felt peace and safety and love surround me. The Lord was my Good Shepherd. And He is calling me to walk with Him.

He is calling to you, too. “Come,” He says. “Walk with Me.”

~ Debbie Ecker

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