Connecting the Dots

On November - 4 - 2017

“Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things which have not been done, saying, ‘My purpose will be established, And I will accomplish all My good pleasure.’”
Isaiah 46:10 NAS

It will be said of our time in history, that in these years the peoples of the earth became connected for the first time. Through the wonders of the internet and the nearly universal use of cell phone technology, we are able to see into each other’s worlds. We see families, songs, dances, food preparation. We see struggles, anger and protest. We laugh at each other’s pets, even when the owners speak a language we cannot understand. We find ourselves giggling along to the universal love language of babies laughing. Connectedness will be most important gift from our generation.

This intercultural, interracial, intergenerational interaction can be unsettling. Reading the comment sections of an article can make one lose all hope for humanity. The freedom to ‘say’ things to each other without the tempering presence of that other person being face to face can, at times, unleash the very worst in the human heart. Anger without immediate consequences is never a good idea.

Still. There are other things that occur between us, in this great big, hyper-connected, uber-communicating world. When a city is hunkering down waiting for category 5 storm to crush it beneath wind and rain, the world looks on, worrying right along. We send prayers and thoughts and, once the storm has passed, begin to look for ways to help. Links are shared and posted; friends can send aid to good organizations with boots on the ground getting help to the people in distress. We tear up to see loved ones reconnected after disasters with their families, and even with their pets. It is if we are intimately acquainted with the suffering ones and in a way, have come through the storm with them.

This immediacy and intimacy can be overwhelming. When wars and natural disasters fall and erupt on the earth relentlessly like a dark scourge; in those moments, we are tempted to look away. It is too much, and our hearts struggle to process it all. We are still learning how to bring our strength, our ‘okay-ness’ to those who are suffering and afraid, and to be a strength and blessing to them.

Some say the internet is an evil thing, its dark corners lurking with lustful temptations and places where terrorists can plot destruction. But, I have always felt, that the Lord has opened a floodgate of ability for us to finally reach the unreached. To bring the love of God, through our songs, our prayers, our testimonies and our giving, to places that only a few decades ago we would have never thought about, except for a few minutes on an hour long nightly news program.

So much change. Are we up for it? Can we allow the Lord to open our eyes and see the connecting of the dots of history? That these are the times Daniel spoke of: ‘And in the last days, men shall travel back and forth in the earth, and knowledge shall greatly increase.’ I get excited when I see the hand of God behind it all. I pray that we always step up, find our place among the dots…and let the Lord connect us to whomever…and wherever…He will.

~ Debbie Ecker

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